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“Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise conditions the body.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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What Is The Value Of An Online Diet Coach?

The online diet coach/trainer is a new concept. There are very few online coaches, each with their own methods. I can’t speak for them. I only talk here about my own views.

Most personal trainers you’ll meet at your local gym want you as a customer for life. I don’t. I think that is a shitty business model. – Keep you confused, never explain things fully, always make it seem difficult so that you feel that you need them and keep coming back… Reminds me of the Hostess industry here in Japan where the hostess will drag out the relationship for as long as possible to get the most money from the client before she either sleeps with him or he gets bored and moves on…. It has to end somewhere and invariably that ending is not a happy one.


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I show you the system in which I do things, and set you free to achieve your goals.

Everyone starts at a different point. I’ve tried to reflect this variety on the results page. Some start in a position where they can get shredded after 12 weeks, many don’t. Some are just guys that are starting on their journey and want to get things set up in the right direction so they don’t waste years on a change that could have been brought about a lot quicker. One thing is universally true though: 12 weeks is never enough, everyone raises the bar as they progress. Even those incredibly ripped guys you see, they all seek improvement.

However, 12 weeks usually is sufficient to leave you at a point where you understand the system and rules within which I work, and have confidence to move forward knowing what you have to do to achieve your goals.

I don’t believe in keeping people hanging or trying to get people to sign up again. Happy clients lead to referrals, which is good business, and I can impact more people this way.

The best situation for me is when a client completes the course, they’re happy, know how they’re going to continue and I don’t hear from them for a long while. Then… *bam* six months later a photo of them with a beaming smile and a story turns up in my inbox. To say that it makes my day is an understatement. – There was one morning at the end of November where I dropped my cloak of manliness momentarily as a succession of three e-mails brought tears to my eyes.

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There are times when what people want to know and what they need to hear are different. This is the difference between a coach and Google.

I’m often asked why someone would pay me for advice when I publish so much information on the website for free. “You probably don’t need to hire me, just have a look at the website. All the information is there and if you have a question just ask me in the comments.”

So what is it that people pay for? – I call it, the ‘right answer’.

Though the articles and guides are well intentioned, I’m painfully aware that the more in-depth I explain things, the deeper many people dig their hole. – People have a tendency to assume that the most complicated answer is the right one for them. Complication appeals to us, and we love to change things and assume the worst.

Consider the following questions I’ve had in the comments:

Is it better for me to train fasted?
What’s the optimal carb split for meals across a day?
Should I squat every session?
How do I adjust things if I do another sport aside from the lifting?
There is no single answer to such questions, and I can’t give one without knowing the person’s individual situation. This is what the coaching relationship allows for that the comments don’t. It means I can make an objective decision: clear, concise*, actionable advice for you.

Ready to get in shape? Then let me take the guesswork out of your diet and fitness needs and
create an individualized plan to achieve the weight loss results you desire.

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